About our test center:

People Analytics offers a state-of-the-art test center with following specifications:


  • Located in a brand new class A office building,
  • Ample free underground parking available,
  • 24/7 security guarded,
  • Accessible to persons with disability,
  • Gender separated bathrooms with fully electronic facilities,
  • Brand new hotel available on premise (floors 12-21).

Test Lab:

  • Test room isolated with soundproof insulation,
  • Ergonomic adjustable leather chairs for each test station,
  • Secure 24/7 video/audio surveillance by 6 LED night vision cameras,
  • Observation window overlooking the test lab,
  • Adjustable privacy shields for test takers comfort.


26 brand new test stations all equipped with:

  • Enterprise grade Lenova computers with Intel processors,
  • Widescreen LED Panel Dell/ACER Pro monitors:
    • Test stations: 22 inch (1600 x 900),
    • Synchronizer: 24 inch (1920x1080 Full HD),
  • All stations are networked with a separate synchronizer and domain controller computers,
  • CAT6 LAN network secured by galvanized piping,
  • Microsoft Server 2012 R2 domain controller,
  • Professional headsets with microphone and adjustable volume,
  • Power surge and backup battery UPS protection for server and synchronizer computers.

Registration Area:

  • Separate reception area for test taker's registration process,
  • Equipped with two cameras (Microsoft HD and Logitech) for taking test taker's pictures,
  • Three professional scanners (AssureTech Bio, Cannon, and Brothers) for ID scan,
  • Electronic signature pad (ePadLink), 
  • Futronics fingerprint scanner,
  • Garrett SuperWand Hand-Held Metal Detector,
  • Enterprise grade laser printer,
  • Security Level P-4 size cross-cut paper shredder.

Invigilators/Test Center Administrators:

  • Staff are categorized into three groups:
    • Supervisory: for performing test session supervision,
    • Invigilation: for invigilation of test sessions,
    • Technician: for technical troubleshooting during test sessions.
  • All staff have been through background verification check by receiving Police Criminal Record Check (CRC),
  • All staff have signed Confidentiality/Conflict of Interest agreement,
  • All staff have been trained and tested for their knowledge of the procedures,
  • All staff have gone through hand-on test-session training.

tests currently being held: